Low Dose Immunotherapy (LDI)

What is LDI and how does it work?

Low dose immunotherapy, LDI, is a combination of immunotherapy and homeopathy.  

It is a therapy that consists of a mixture of an enzyme and a diluted amount of antigens, substances ranging from allergens to bacteria to parasites, that cause an immune response within the body. The treatment focuses on cells of the immune system to increase their response and establish tolerance within the immune system. By doing this, there reaction that people have to allergens, Lyme, and other conditions is alleviated. Ultimately, we are building immunity, which will calm down inflammation, decrease symptoms, and improve quality of life.


Is LDI safe and what to expect?

LDI is a completely safe and effective treatment. There are no side effects and interactions associated with the therapy. Treatment is administered as a liquid under the tongue, no injections, no pills. The dose is very individualized, and depends on how severe the symptoms are and how sensitive one is. LDI does not cause any reaction, but changes the way you react to an allergen or antigen, in a positive way. Initially, in the beginning of treatment, it is possible to still have the same symptoms and not feel improvement. It is also possible that one can experience a flare in symptoms. This is not something to be discouraged by. It can take time to find the target dose. Once the target dose is identified, after treatment is received, one should expect symptoms to be alleviated and eventually go away.  


How often is treatment needed?  

LDI is given every seven weeks. Early in treatment, an additional dose may be given if symptoms reappear or when seeking to obtain optimal dose. The treatment regimen continues for every seven weeks until a patient experiences complete symptom improvement, and then treatment can be spaced out even further, over months, once a year or even longer. 


Who can benefit from LDI and what is it good for?

LDI is highly effective for people who have suffered from chronic Lyme and associated diseases, food and environmental allergies, histamine sensitivity, PANDAS, autism spectrum disorders, skin conditions including acne and guttate psoriasis, fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal conditions, conditions associated with the urinary tract, and more.

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