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Fairfield Naturopathic Family Medicine is a family focused practice that provides Naturopathic medical care with a highly comprehensive and individualized  approach. Modern conventional science is combined with advanced natural  therapeutics to assist patients in healing and achieving wellness.  Each patient experiences special attention and is cared for in a nurturing environment.  The underlying cause is addressed, bringing balance mentally, emotionally and physically.  Through caring doctor-patient relationships, families are empowered to live a life of whole body health and well being.

Here’s What Some of Our Happy Clients Have to Say About Us…

“For years I felt tired. I was always told it was age or just from running around with the kids. Dr. Verma was the first one who took the time to listen to me and my concerns. She spent a
great deal of time assessing everything from my diet to my day to day life. After doing a simple test and evaluating my situation, she actually got me better. It is the first time in years that I have energy thanks to Dr. Verma!” ~M

“My son has been suffering from allergies for a long time. I became tired of him having taking all of the medications and decided to see Dr. Verma for natural treatments. Dr. Verma not only was able to prescribe something that helped my son, but it also does not cause any harm to his body. She also made suggestions that other doctors did not make and educated us on ways to decrease his allergies. It’s great that we no longer have to keep going back to the doctor constantly like we once were. I am so grateful for Dr. Verma’s help and all that she has done for my son.” ~S

“I saw Dr. Verma from a fundraiser she had done. I was looking to lose weight and she put me on a detox plan that involved eating healthy. After I completed the detox, not only did I lose weight, but any little aches and pains I was experiencing surprisingly went away. I couldn’t believe it! I am glad that I met Dr. Verma and she was able to help me in ways that I did not expect.” ~R

“I was having a lot of trouble with PMS. Not only was my mood really down, but I was having cramps and felt really tired. When I saw Dr. Verma she helped me with my diet and prescribed a few supplements. Once I was able to get on track with her plan, I began feeling much better. Most of all, I wasn’t feeling as down as I once did. It helped seeing someone who took the time to really care for me and listen to what I was going through. I feel lucky to have Dr. Verma there when I need her.” ~A